About Me


I'm originally from Southern California, but I currently live in Central Texas.


I have a nameless cat and she is very cute; you can check out here instagram here. I also have a leopard gecko named Günter. They are both wonderful and cute little creatures that I love having around. Someday I hope to at least get some chickens, but a whole farm would be even better.

Educational Background

I have a degree in Computer Science from Oregon State and a degree in Psychology from UC San Diego. I studied the latter first while I still thought I wanted to pursue medicine to become a psychiatrist. In my last year I discovered programming and the desire to pursue that bloomed from there. I'm happy to be in a field where using my problem solving skills to build something and use my creativity.


I am an avid baker and home cook; I could spend far too long on the topic of food and drink. Aside from baking and coding, I do enjoy some video games, watercoloring, watching good things on different streaming services, reading, and exercise. I also like to do some gardening with indoor plants and some plants that do well in pots outdoors. Hopefully, in the future, I can have a bigger and more fruitful garden.

Tools I use

I use a prettty old Windows PC for my main use, but sometimes I use an ASUS Chromebook. Fun fact, I grew up using Apple products only, so only when I was out of college did I look into building my PC and start using windows. I had a macbook pro up until recently, I then installed Linux mint to try to save it, but that only lasted so long until I just decided to get a chromebook (I think the laptop hardware was just on it's last leg). So safe to say I am very comfortable with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux!

I use visual studio code as my IDE with jetbrain mono font and Nord color theme (it is so soothing!). Sometimes I will use vim when I am doing stuff just in linux terminal and it needs to be a quick test file or something like that. Fun fact #2, I spent my first 2 programming classes, in my CS degree, using only vim to produce my C++ code. It was a fun and tedious experience, but at least I feel very comfortable with vim, for whatever that is worth.

*This website is built with sustainability in mind — It's not perfect but I'm learning ♻.

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