My Projects

Baker's Log @ Personal

A personal project that is currently still in development of an MVP. The app is a baker's log book to record data and notes for different bakes; including, bread, cakes, pastries, etc.

  • Backend: Go, GraphQL, MongoDB
  • Frontend: NextJS

Client Center @ Heard and Smith (current)

An internal project build for Heard and Smith socila security law firm. This app combines 3 legacy applications into one flexible and modern web app. Call center specialists use this console to receive inbound and outbound calls, console allows users to input new clients and search through existing clients, and users use the intake wizard to screen new clients for acceptance. The intake wizard is a 13 step form, which allows the user to save and exit at any step.

  • Backend: AWS API Gateway, AWS Lambda (python), AWS Connect, PHP (on an EC2 instance), MS SQL
  • Frontend: ReactJS

SOMIS @ Premier Digital Designs

A project I worked on the MVP for with Premier Digital Designs. The app is a field service management software. The parts that I was a part of include: dispatching jobs, scheduling, inventory for vans and warehouse, invoicing, estimates, and customer management linked through Quickbooks API.

  • Backend: ASP.NET Core (C#), MySQL
  • Frontend: ASP.NET Core Razor Pages

*This website is built with sustainability in mind — It's not perfect but I'm learning ♻.

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